Product Line

Each product is monitored during the packaging steps by specialised workers, who ensure the quality of each item. The operation is always performed in our Canzo operations department.

C.G.A. Caldara is able to reach customers anywhere in the world, with both small and large quantities of goods, with rapid turnarounds.

Basic CHIC Line

These days, it is difficult to remain competitive and ensure good quality products from Asian countries.

C.G.A. Calder offer a wide range of imported beauty accessories, guaranteed and controlled at our Italian headquarters before being launched on the market.

C.G.A. Caldera offer a Trade Service for its customers, which has proved very convenient. Many Italian and European companies supported by C.G.A. Caldara get competitive prices for the import of products made outside the EU. In fact, the company carefully and directly selects from a few trusted manufacturers, offering the option to request a product that is then blister packaged entirely at their Italian headquarters, with custom packaging. 

Caldara takes care of all the import formalities: the products pass through the Italian company's warehouse, where meticulous quality control is performed to ensure the products meet the requirements of each customer.

Caldara srl offer clients a consulting service for every aspect of production, trade and import-export between Italy/Europe and Asian countries, such as Pakistan, China, Korea, etc. This makes us a perfect partner for small and medium sized companies who want to open relations with the Asian market successfully and safely. The company has highly qualified staff in Italy and in China, so our support can be of great help.

Thanks to our expertise, C.G.A. Caldara monitors all the innovations in the beauty world, creating new ranges for launch directly in any shop. The CHIC line is well-maintained, complete, and designed in every detail for beauty care, derived from basic consumer products. This is precisely why we have taken the packaging into consideration, ensuring its low cost to ensure the range remains competitive in the current market.


C.G.A. Caldara is a solid business that has been present on the national and international markets for over 50 years, operating in the field of Beauty & Care accessories. The company began as a manufacturer and developed over the subsequent years as a commercial import/export business, providing customers a full-service, guaranteed, quality product.

MISSYOU ITALY, is an entirely Italian range of personal care products. It was created from the desire to enrich a very intimate and private aspect of the life of every woman with quality and beauty; values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have always characterised Made in Italy products. Attention to detail and careful selection of the items make this range the flagship of the Italian market, that deserves to be exported with pride all over the world. The exceptional quality of the products is the best advertising for this line, which allows the buyer to get professional products at competitive prices, ensuring brand loyalty.

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