Thanks to our expertise and experience, C.G.A. remains the forefront of all that is new in the world of beauty, while also creating new ranges of products and accessories for the personal care and beauty, for launch directly through any store. The company also manages PRIVATE LABEL services and differentiated ranges for each customer.

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Do you need to import products from Asian countries? Are you looking for new products?

Today, we have to fight to stay competitive and ensure good quality products at the same time.

C.G.A. Caldara s.r.l. offers customers highly cost-effective solutions, placing itself on the worldwide market by offering a TRADE service.

It is now an established fact that many Italian and European companies, through our support, obtain very competitive prices for imported products made in Asia, where we are able to directly and carefully select reliable manufacturers.

C.G.A. Caldara s.r.l. offers its clients a consulting service for every aspect of production, trade and import-export between Italy/Europe and Asian countries such as Pakistan, China, Korea, etc. This makes it a perfect partner for small and medium sized companies that want to open relations with the Asian market successfully and safely.

In addition to offering a general TRADING service, our company also takes care of all the IMPORT formalities through our Italian warehouse, where quality control is also performed to ensure the customer receives a product complying with their demands. It is easy for us to research PROMOTIONAL-NOVELTIES-GADGETS, or create NEW RANGES for launch directly by any store.

Our company has highly skilled personnel at both our Italian and Chinese sites, and it is for this reason that our support can be of great help.

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