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The history of C.G.A. Caldara was established back in 1952 when Gustavo Caldara, driven by strong personal ambition, decided to open his own small workshop to produce surgical items. Thanks to his hard work, Gustavo was able to meet that commitment with skill and professionalism, until he received a proposal for another interesting job that required a change away from producing surgical to manicure products.

The company has gone from strength to strength, adapting constantly to changes in the market sector.

The passing years brought ever greater opportunities, forcing the manager to relocate to provide more space. The company therefore moved completely to Canzo, in Via Al Lambro 22. This site handles both logistics and operations.

In 2006, C.G.A. Caldara is registered, becoming C.G.A. Calder s.r.l.

Over the following years the company added a new logistics warehouse site in Castelmarte (Como).

Today, the founder's son, Antonello Caldara, runs the company, guiding it with great professionalism and keeping his father's principles alive.

C.G.A. Caldara is well known nationally thanks to the excellent value for money of its products.

The company has outlets all over the world, not just in Italy. In fact, it is active in both the American and European markets, with its convenience and versatility.

We offer a wide range of products, from our value line right up to our extra-professional range. We also offer customisation of each item with logos and packaging suited to your needs, as well as private full service management.

With the range defined, the products can be blister packed rapidly directly from our Italian company, or provided with other packaging solutions, ready for sale to the public, providing a full service product complete with exhibitors where required.

We offer the customer the options of our "Made In Italy" production, or foreign production through our Asian joint ventures, as well as our Chinese trading office where we carefully select the quality of imported products.

We are proud of our work, the result of years of quality customer service and our aim of meeting your needs.

C.G.A. Caldara is able to reach customers anywhere in the world, with both small and large quantities of goods, with rapid turnarounds.

Our Mission

The company offers two different brands; BASIC CHIC LINE consists of basic products for beauty care, such as manicure-pedicure and make-up accessories, and MISSYOU, which is our entirely "Made in ITALY" range comprising more professional products of guaranteed Italian quality. C.G.A. Caldara products are synonymous with quality, innovation and fashion for all consumers. C.G.A. Caldara also offers the best value for money on all our accessories.

The most important and significant services that the company offers are product customization, PRIVATE LABEL management, trade marketing, and advice on marketing strategies for each product offered.

Our staff offers the quickest and most flexible response to market demands.

Quality Control

C.G.A. Calder was founded as a manufacturer, and is meticulous about the quality of our products, whether they are Made in Italy, or imported. Our experience in the field means we are always abreast of the times and the evolution of the sector. Today, C.G.A. Caldara has developed a very strong import business, which distinguishes itself in terms of quality, with our Italian headquarters always performing accurate QC on every imported product. In addition to our internal QC, C.G.A. Caldera also makes use of internationally certified organizations in order to ensure the suitability and safety of the products sold.

Logistics & Distribution

All the accessories produced and distributed by C.G.A. Caldara are available across our entire national and international networks.

We have an in-house team that follows all the logistics and delivery to the client, striving to meet customer needs in the shortest possible time.

Through external agencies, we also guarantee our Merchandiser service and direct delivery to stores.

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